Before we even knew one another, adoption was something both Anthony and I individually hoped to be part of how our family would be knit together. It was pretty exciting to have that confirmed in one another when we began our relationship!

After years of praying, we feel like the time is right to begin the process. We took a year to educate ourselves about adoption from all perspectives of the triad (birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents) as well as about adoption avenues (fostering, domestic, private, agencies, transracial, international, etc.). We have prayerfully chosen to adopt from South Korea.

Though the initial financial expectations are daunting, we know that if this is God's next step for our family He will make a way. We have experienced the joy of joining in with our loved ones to bring their little ones home, and we now want to invite our friends and family in to that process with us. Will you join us?

All our love,
Anthony, Chey and Raine HanJun