Long ago when I (Chey) imagined adopting, I always pictured myself adopting a child from another country. Not sure why, exactly, but I did.

Over the years as I learned more about adoption, I questioned my motives: was it selfish? Was it more glamorous? Is it simpler to have the adoption be closed? I began to swing the other way when Anthony and I began praying about beginning the process.

I felt strongly that we should adopt domestically. There are children here. Children with special needs (something I also have felt inclined toward about for quite a while). But Anthony felt just as strongly (or more) that we should adopt from South Korea.

I began to look into the process and discovered a few things. First, it was the most expensive adoption process for an American family. Second, South Korea was locking down international adoption HARD.

All the forums and communities were saying that it was next to impossible for Americans to adopt at this time. Tragically, many stories were surfacing about Korean adoptees who were deeply depressed, and in some cases, had committed suicide from lack of cultural understanding and identity. South Korea wanted to make it very easy for their citizens to adopt, and deeply restrict adoption from outside the country to protect its children.