Of hundreds of families I encountered hoping to adopt from South Korea...we were one of the most ideally positioned.

So my heart shifted. We prayed and decided together to move forward; trusting God to prepare us, financially, mentally and emotionally. We pray for the sweet mother who may have only just found out she is pregnant: terrified, overwhelmed, and about to undergo one of the most painful experiences of loss one can endure. And we pray for the precious little one that will find its way into our hearts and home.

Adoption can be a beautiful picture of the heart of God. But it is born, literally, of trauma and brokenness. The joy we will find in welcoming this child into our family, might be the birth mother's deepest sorrow and wound. The child will have hard questions and struggles to wrestle with, likely for most of his life. We know that our part in the triad (adoption language for birth mother, adoptee, and adoptive parents) is the least important. We don't adopt for what it can do for our lives and hopes and dreams: we adopt to do our best to create an environment of safety by nurturing this child through what will inevitably be a lifelong journey of discovering identity; pointing him or her to Christ, and offering all of the love that we have to give.